How to create 2 machines in an single orchestrator account?

i want to run single package in multiple machines

Hi @Justin_Sam

In machines page, create different machines for each terminal you want to run the program on. For every machine, it should have a dedicated environment and a robot assigned and connected to those environments and machines.

Follow the same process you did to configure the robot to your own computer to set it up for all the machines you want it to run.

For every machine, you should have a machine under machine page. And a separate robot assigned to it.

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @Justin_Sam

In order to create a two machines under the single orchestrator is possible.

  1. create robot in orchestrator in second machine by giving the details of Machine name (which is available in robot tray settings there you can find the machine name) followed by domain\username to be entered ( domain name is nothing but machine name and your system login username) then create.

  2. Your Robot and Machine has been created under single orchestrator.

  3. Go to Machines and click view to find machine key and copy the same finally go to the robot tray settings of second Machine and paste the machine key to connect to robot.

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