How to cpoy data to sepecifed column in google sheet or excel from a datatable

I basically want to copy a particular value from an output to a specified column to the latest row

highligted columns cells are the ones where i want to copy paste the data and with new row addition i want to add to the new row automatically:

Hi @Tata_Subramanian ,

I’m not sure if I’ve understood your query completely, so correct me if I am wrong but you want to only append data to the last two columns, correct?
Which means the other columns are supposed to be blank?

Also could you tell us a bit more on where this output data is coming from, whether it has headers?

More information will put us in a better position to assist you.

If you want something incredibly generic, then here you go:

Enumerable.Range(1,dt_result.Columns.Count).Select(Function(s) String.Empty).Skip(2).Concat({"ColValue1","ColValue2"}).ToArray()


Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

thanks, basically a new row of data gets added every day in my gsheet, now the data in I and J columns remains empty, so i want to add the values into those columns to the latest added row using ui path and it has to be incremental foreg if tomoorow a new row is added, then the values for i and J column should be added in that row and not the previous one