How to count the mentions of words one the page

I need to create a database from a news web-site, where i search news related to school. So basically I need to make a sheet with three columns: date, category and the last one is how many times the words ‘school’ and ‘education’ appear in the desription.
So I have this table but the last column is just whole desciption, any thoughts how can I find the number of mentions of these words on each cell?

Hello @dems ,

Perhaps the following approach could help you solve the issue:


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thank you. i assigned the variable MyText = row(“Description”).ToString
it worksm and shows me the numbers in output but i also need to update the column cell with this number so could you help me with this too?
i tried to assign the cell with the counter.Length
TableData.Rows(3)(“Description”) = “counter.Length” but it doesn’t work

Hi @dems

After filtering your word, you have to add it into the list and then you can find the number of count of that word.

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Hello @dems ,

Try to store it as a string counter.Length.ToString

And if your are using a For Each Row loop, then
the assign should be something like that:
TableData(yourRowVariableDefinedInForEachRowLoop)(“yourColumnName”) = counter.Length.ToString

If there is a specific error, please share it.
Thank you!

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