How to Count the data of one column in data table w.r.t other column?

Hi team,

Use Case: I’m calculating the Hire Date of employees across different sites in US .

In one column I have Site Names Like DAE4 ( something like this), in Other column I’ve Employee ID’s for that particular site who Hire Date is processed as successful in Queueitem( Status: Successful).

In addition to this, I need count of no.of employee ID’s wr.t each site

Like Column 1: Site Name
Column 2: No.of employee’s whose hire date is processed.

How can I achieve this ? I’m using RE Frame Work

Without more information, it sounds like you want to simply find how many employees are hired at each site?

You could look at using something like this?

Hi @Sumanth_Reddy1,

Can you share an example table? I’m sure you’ll get more suggestions if you share sample inputs and the output you expect.


This is the data table where Queue Values were stored. Now, I need the data in the following format in excel file