How to count row by row based on color in excel

Hi Team,

I need to count color based on input name column , if i give input name is YYY i want to get count color in that row

Input excel:

Expected output:
If i give input name YYY
Result i want below
Red --1

Please anyone help me for this.
Raja G

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Dear Raja,

If you know the index of the column till where the row extends,then

  • loop through the count
  • Use Get Cell Color to get the color of each cell in that row
  • Use a dictionary and add logic to chk if the colour exists in the entity if not then add to the dictionary as key and similarly assign 1 if not present else increment the counter in the value part of the dictionary
    -The dictionary will contain the color and count

Thanks and Regards,
Geetishree Rao

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@Raja.G please try out this sequence
Sequence.xaml (24.2 KB)
set name here

result (result is a dictionary of the colors + # occurences)

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Hi @jack.chan ,

Working fine thanks.

Raja G

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