How to correct this error

i am unable to correct this error as am trying to locate key. pls help.

Can you share a ScreentShot of your workflow?



As you are passing the arugments, check that the DownloadFilePath and other arguments are present in the config file and not having any spelling mistakes

For Debugging purpose you can keep and write line / Messagebox activity and check the values

Also you are passing the arguments correctly

Hope this may help you


@srini, am sharing argument screen shots also. pls check.

am new to UiPath so would be great if you can share the screen shots.

Hi @taruna.mehra ,

Check your name “DownloadFilePath” that you have used to call from In_Config dictionary is it same in Config file.

It should be exactly same.
Can you share your config screenshot ?


i think i missed to mention download in file path

You to mention it as in_Config(“DownloadedFilePath”).ToString’

Always remember when we use key of dictionary, it should be exactly same defined in config

iused the same but still error is coming

i used inConfig("DownladFilePath).ToString + InConfig(“DownloadFileName”).ToString.

have also corrected for filename

Used it as
inConfig("DownloadedFilePath).ToString + InConfig(“DownloadedFileName”).ToString.

okay let me try

Hi @taruna.mehra and @ermanoj3101 ,

There should be a backslash between the two string values as the DownloadedFilePath value does not have one:


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I agree the backslash is also missing in the string but the initial error is due to incorrect key passed in “in_Config” dictionary.
It should be like

inConfig("DownloadedFilePath).ToString + “” + InConfig(“DownloadedFileName”).ToString.

@ermanoj3101 Thanks and its sorted.

good to know this, can you go ahead close it?


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@ermanoj3101 how to correct this error. Its been 2 hours i have been working on this.


Try to run it debug mode and check where exactly it is failing.

Also please share the screenshot of for each row body.