How to correct rotated documents to extract data?

Hello all,
I have a scenario where I am receiving a rotated document from which I need to extract data.
Can you please tell me how to rotate documents in correct position at runtime (rotated direction is not known or different every time ) so we can extract data?

@vlad.coteanu could you please view this issue?

Hi @aliarshad2 ,

There are 2 ways of dealing with this: the first one is to have the bot rotate the document to the correct position by interacting with the interface of an application (Adobe Acrobat, Word etc), and the second one is to use a particular library to do this. I have a small implementation of a pdf rotating program using this library:

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@vlad.coteanu thanks for your answer.
But how we can use this library and example in UiPath? AND in this library/example we are not able to rotate it dynamically… I mean we always not have to rotate it to 270 or 180 etc. We need a dynamic solution.

You may want to have a look to this answer if this is for extracting information from document, OCR can take care of this: Is there a way to detect skewed or inverted image using Uipath? - #6 by Pablito

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