How to copy value from web site in to excel

how to copy value from web site in to excel

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1.Use Data Scraping from Design Panel. It will ask you to indicate minimum 2 similar fields to create a pattern and it will store the data into a DataTable variable.

2.Use Write CSV activity. In the first field, you can type the name of the file, with .csv extenstion and it will be saved in the process’s location. In the second field introduce the DataTable variable

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i need to click add and go to the contact tab and save the relevant contact

can’t tag the pattern please kindly help

@Amila_Darshana If you want to scrap only contact number means than you can use get text activity

how to get in to excel that value please advise

@Amila_Darshana Use build data table assume (dt) variable now create column name and use add data row activity and in array row property pass get text variable and pass dt than finally use write range and pass dt

From the following steps You can easily import a table of data from a web page into Excel, and regularly update the table with live data.

  1. Open a worksheet in Excel.
  2. From the Data menu select either Import External Data or Get External Data.
  3. Select New Web Query.
  4. In Excel XP:
    Enter the URL of the web page from which you want to import the data and click Go…
    Choose the table of data you wish to import, then click the Import button.
  5. In Excel 2000:
    Fill in this dialogue with the URL of the web page, the table of data you want and the
    formatting you want to keep.
  6. Choose how often you want to refresh the data. From the Data menu select Import External Data again, then choose Data Range Properties.

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