How to copy the file path dinamically

How to chenge html file path dinamically and open the file dinamically.

Please help me friends…

Can you show what you are looking for

Html path and how you want to change it ?

Hi @Vishnu_Reddy1

Have a look on the video


My requirement is 10 htm.files in a dinamic (folder folder name today’s date).
Open only 2 specific html.files
Open html.files dinamically…
Please help me…

Hello @Vishnu_Reddy1 ,

My requirement is 10 htm.files in a dinamic (folder folder name today’s date)

  • If you are facing difficulty in navigating to folder which will be having today’s date then
    FolderPath = Config(“FolderPath”).ToString+Now.ToString(“ddMMyy”)

In Config file give Folder path which is static part and as said the dynamic part of date will get appended at the end (you can modify date format as per your need).

Open only 2 specific html.files

  • To get only 2 specific html files the criteria is not specified
    However if you Do Directory.GetFiles(FolderPath).Take(2).ToString will give you string array of file path having only 2 items.

But not working


What is the reason of assigning Folder name & File name variables.
Only use Folder name variable (keep only 1st assign of Folder Name)

In For each use this expression to get only 2 html files as shown in below screenshot


Hope it helps!


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