How to copy the data from open excel file to another excel sheet using uipath

I need to compare 3 excel files.but we will need to put three excel files in single excel file in different sheets.
1st step - export the excel file from the application. after export the excel file it is not saving the excel’s just opening the excel file. so, i need to copy the data from that excel file to new excel file in sheet this 2nd excel and 3rd excels also.

Can any one suggest how can i proceed this one?

Hi @Sindhura506,

  1. Check if there is any option to give the file path while exporting.
    If the application is SAP, there will be a way to provide the path.
  2. After opening, select all text and copy using activities or hotkey.
    Open new excel and paste using hotkey.

@SaranyaKishore Thank you for your suggestion.

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