How to copy the all the value in same excel


I have two sheet which is sheet 1 and sheet 2
header for the both sheet will be same…
i need to merge the sheet…
example i need to merge sheet 2 value into sheet 1…

  1. excel application scope
    2 inside that read range for two sheet( sheet1 and sheet2)
    DT1, DT2
  2. Then i tried with append range and it is appending in 10 or 15 th row. it should append in 4th row.
    even i tried merge data table with source as DT2 and destination as DT1 its not doing any operation…
    Kindly help me out to resolve this issue.


It worked as expected with merge datatable, what is your issue?


merge.xls (21 KB) Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

Please find attached example

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Thanks for the reply…
yes i got the output but am getting the extract heading as column 1, column 2… till column 13
why so…?
how to get rid of that