How to copy that available value for particular row from below table in same sheet?

I have a sheet that has 2 tables like Member’s name and Partners name.
In the 1st table, there are 2 members name “Lmn” and “Qrs” has Code as Not Available.
In the 2nd table, the Code is available for the same.
Currently, I have filtered the data, and I found the code is available in the below table for “Lmn” and “Qrs”.
Now I want to paste that code from the below table to the place of Not available(Above table) for “Lmn” and “Qrs”.
Please find attached (32.0 KB)
Can anyone help with this?

@Akash_Chavan Please find modified code of yours.

AddCode - (33.8 KB)

It is working fine as I required.
Thank you.

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