How to copy text from database table and create a data table


I am trying to copy data from an access table (without using a query) and add the data into a Generate Data Table activity. The data is coming accross but a lot of the columns are merged into single cells as opposed to retaining the original format - please could you let me know of the best way to create a data table from copying the database data?


Your data should have proper separators for columns and rows. Generate data table activity should be able to create datatable if you specify correct column and row separators.

Thanks Vinutha,

What type of separator would you recommend please?

It’s not about what’s recommended. The separators in your string obtained. For eg probably a space between columns and newline between rows. Can you paste a sample of your data?


I’ve attached 2 spreadsheets, 1 of how the data should look (and how it looks in its raw copied form). And the other of how the data is currently looking once pasted into a data table.

CopiedDataHowItShouldLook.xlsx (9.6 KB)
HowDataIsCurrenltyLooking.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Your input doesn’t seem to be in a format. Generate DataTable may not be of much help here. You may have to apply regex pattern matching and string manipulations to achieve this.