How to copy text from an application in RDP . Cntrl+A is selecting the entire screen of RDP

I am trying to fetch the data inside the notepad, which is inside the RDP . I used hot keys

  1. cntrl+A and in properties click before typing is enabled.

I need to fetch the Hello World from the notepad which is opened in RDP.

Hi @Rachel,

You should use the Computer Vision activities from UiPath Studio.
If you don’t see Computer Vision on your studio, go to Manage Packages and install the following package:


I tried CV get text option. But the output I got is He 110 world instead of Hello world.

That’s why tried cntrl+A


There are different OCR engines available in UIpath. Could you please try with that also.


And also once try with Set to Clipboard and Get From Clipboard Activity also.

After copy only we can use get from clipboard right.

I tried that also.but for copying from that notepad is the issue

Thankyou @lakshman and @wasea for you quick responses.

I tried with cntrl+shift+home and cntrl+C for copying and Get from Clipboard activity.And i got the desired output.

Thank you all !!!

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