How to copy & paste values from income statement from excel to word document format

Hi, I have a problem with doing Ui Path which is I am not sure which functions to use when copying values from Excel to Word document format.

For example, I am copying values from excel (P&L) and I will need to paste it in the Word Document (Fixed format)(2 columns)

May I know which functions to use?

I am told to tried the SendHotKey Function but i can copy but i am unable to paste it.

@PokemonIsHere - you can try below with send hot key activity
1- send hot key activity – ctrl + a
2- send hot key activity – ctrl + c
3 - Get From Clipboard ( assign to variable)
4 - you can use type into and use the #3 variable) or send hot key activity – ctrl + v

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Hi, I have tried using sendhotkey but everytime I wanna paste a value from excel to word I will have to indicate on screen which is a bit tiring when have to indicate it everytime I do a P&L

Any other methods to use ?