How to copy paste into a new sheet where the last sheet got data? I got write range error

Hi i know this question been answer before but i have forgotten how to do this

i will copy a value in a sheet then it copy now i will read the sheet i wanted to paste into however i couldnt get it done here my file for it as well the excel file as i got error in write range due to my range not exist

I like to copy my PR form to Staff however when i try to paste the value into the row i got error

Database (1).xlsx (26.3 KB)
Main.xaml (15.2 KB)

Hello @xxGoRpa!

I do not know if I understood what you need, but I have checked your files and do you need to copy the cell B5 of PRForm sheet, and then paste it in sheet Staff PR?

yes correct
but when i paste into staff on the C range i got invalid write range

Follow this steps and it should work:

In assign activity createnewrow = Staff_Database.Rows.Count

Pass it from string to double:

In write cell activity put this in cell:

Try doing this!! Let’s see if works :slight_smile:

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okay seems to be working now thanksss

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