How to copy & paste from a Word document to another Word document?

Hi guys,

I need to copy a text from a word document (doc 1) to another word document (doc 2). To be more precise:

I have a Word document (doc 1) with a table, in each box of the table there is a numbering (e.g 1.1.1) to which a text is associated. I also have a second Word document (doc 2) with a table that contains the same numbering than in “doc 1”. The difference is that this time the numbering is on the upper box and the text is on the lower box (I have attached the document so you can better visualise what I am trying to achieve).

copy and past (30.6 KB)

What I need the robot to do?

  1. In doc 1: I need the robot to memorize the numbering and then copy the text (only) next to the numbering

  2. In doc 2: I need the robot to recognize the numbering and then paste the correct text on the box just below the numbering

The big problem I am having is that UI elements are not being recognised in Word so I don’t know what technique to use in order to do this task successfully.

Thanks in advance for your help

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