How to copy paste an image into an excel file and how to paste those images in different sheets of the same excel?


Hey @Rashmi_N

This link will guide you on this.


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Thank you. It worked

Hey Aksh,

if i were to do the same thing in sheet2 of my existing excel workbook, how can i do so?

You could try the “Select Range” activity and select a cell on Sheet2 which will make it the active sheet.

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you can use @ClaytonM advice. it is simple and effective :slight_smile: :+1: because Selects a specified range from an Excel spreadsheet so it will make that activate.


It works, Thanks ClaytonM adn Aksh. But i have one more concern. I am not able to change the icon image (in case of a doc file). What activity can i chose to pic doc icon.
Pls see below.

Hi ,
You can use the copy as image activity from the below package. it will save it as image file .

And use the Insert Picture in the below package.


Dear Rashmi_N,
You can do it by using sending hotkey activity, for reference you can watch this tutorial:

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Hi @Rashmi_N,

Using this “PasteClipboard” activity to paste inside any excel file.


Hi Can u helpme out on thiz screenshot activities
Wr I have a folder contains many screenshots.png now I have to paste into excel sheets like
One screenshot.png image paste to excel sheet1 at any postion it’s not mandatory
Second screenshot.png image paste to excel sheet2 soo on

Nth screenshot.png image paste to excel sheetn

I am so glad to say that if u help me out thz activities