How to copy only files that has not been copied before

I download files from one server to another on daily basis, today I download all files and choos to not overwrite existing files. I would like to download only files that has not been downloaded before. All new files should also be sent by e-mail so have to know which files has been downloaded today.

What if you get the LastWriteTime of last copied file from destination server and copy only the files from the Source server after that timestamp?

Thanks, sounds like an solution. I´m new on this, would really appreciate if you have an example.

Something like this , Includes email part as well.

transferFiles.xaml (11.5 KB)

Thanks a lot, it works fine.

Since the receiver of the e-mail can handle just one attachment per e-mail I would like to enclose them one by one in separate e-mails insted for all in one e-mail. How to adjust the code?

You could either zip all the files and email them or you can replace the mail.attachemnets (invoke method) with Send outlook email activity in side for each loop. Pass the file in the Attach Files along with Subject and Body.

To zip