How to copy first excel file data to second excel file

Hi! I’m newbie in uipath studio, I have two excel files,I want to get “po_number” values from file “InvoiceInfo” ,I want to copy its value and will search it to “WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328” excel file,if found paste the relavant value of “number” column from “InvoiceInfo” file in the file named “WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328” by creating a new column named “invoice_number”.
InvoiceInfo.xlsx (62.7 KB)
WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328.xlsx (21.1 KB)

read the excel file and asign the value save into variable and call the variable where you want

Hi @Sawaira_Nawaz ,

Do we need to Compare the Column "po_number" from InvoiceInfo file and Column "Purchase Order #" from WMI_DSVAP file ?

If that is the case, I do not think we have a Matching case, and the Result Output would just be the same data.

If possible, let us know the Columns that need to be compared, and also the Expected Output for the Input provided.

while working I lost some data, here is original files
WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328.xls (68.5 KB)
InvoiceInfo.xlsx (62.7 KB)
here, I misguided, we’ll copy cell value from file “WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328” of “Purchase Order #”, then we will find it in file “InvoiceInfo” and if found then relavant cell data of column “number”, will be paste in 2nd or any new column with name “invoice number” of file “WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328”, Thanks in advance and solution will be appreciated.

ok then if found, i copy number to new column invoice nunber?

yes, you got it!

use this sequence
test11.xaml (11.2 KB)

  1. read both files, and add “invoice_number” column to wmi table
  2. loop over WMI table, for each row lookup purchase order # in invoice table, if found assign to row
  3. write new WMI table to excel WMI_DSVAP_620962_20220328-Result.xls


Thank @jack.chan ,It provided me extra knowledge

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