How to copy excel data using index

Hi All,
I have a scenario in which I can able to paste only 16 rows of data in SAP. I have to copy the data from excel which have around 100+ rows of data like first16 rows then 15 rows so on…

Here how can I copy the first 16 rows and then how can I copy the next 15 rows and vice versa till all rows in the excel are completed?
Here the row count can increment dynamically or might get restricted to even 10 also.

Hey @deepaksvg99

Are you able to identify which rows you are needing to manipulate within the process (for example, you know you have 10 records so you will need to replace 10 values, start and end rows are either consistent or identifiable)? My first shot at it would be to use a Write Range activity which can be used to overwrite C2:C17 (or whichever range you would like to replace).

When working with an Excel doc, there are two different way you could work with it - by using the Excel activities (which requires an Excel Scope) or using Workbook activities. The Workbook activities allow for mostly the same functionality as the Excel Scope however, does not require Excel to be installed on the machine that the process is running on.

Hope this helps!

Hi Jacqui,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Here I have the no.of rows changing dynamically some times it will be 10 or 6 or 20 and some times it will be 100 or 170 or 200 or more. I need to first get row count and after that, I have to select the data.
Suppose if the row count is 6 then I have to copy only 6 rows of data from excel and if the row count is 20 then I have to copy only the first 16 rows of data and then later I have to copy the remaining 4 rows of data. Similarly for 200 rows first I have to copy 16 rows then multiples of 15 or 16 I have to copy until I complete the row count.
So using write range will not work in my scenario and more over I have to paste the data in SAP application

HI @deepaksvg99,

Here is an activity called “Copy Data” to copy in the clipboard.


Hey @deepaksvg99 as @balupad14 has mentioned, the copy activity would work perfectly then. Then you can send the hot key Ctrl + V into the SAP application to paste the data.

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Thanks Bala I have used your Balareva excel copy to data activity.t was useful.
But when I was using “delete data” activity it is actually deleting the data in excel from the selected range.
individually it was working fine like deleting only the copied cells but when integrated it is deleting the actual data in excel

Is it expected?

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Hi @deepaksvg99,
No. It deletes the data which have given the range data in the excel sheet.

Thank you

have a look on this demo xaml calculating and processing datarows in segments:
ForEach_Segment_RowSets.xaml (11.8 KB)

the main building block is to do segmentation with the help of skip and take. Maybe you can adopt the logic and use it for the EXCEL index calculation for the Ranges