How to copy excel data into website textarea

Hi everyone,

I am using mailchimp as a email provider. I want to import details e.g. email using the copy and paste function in mailchimp. The problem I face is whenever I try use the foreach row in excel and the type into function in UIpath, it will just type the first row of value and throws an error “Can’t find UI element for this action”.

How can I copy a range of value from excel into a textarea on the website?

Hi @Adrian1

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You need to configure the selector of the activities.

Hi kumar.varun2

Thanks for your answer but I’m not sure what you mean configure. What to configure? How to configure?

UiPath recognises ui element based on some selectors. Some of the attributes of selectors like idx, css, changes when the page refresh or for the new transaction. So you need to choose those attributes in your selector whose value remain constant for every transaction. You can take a look at selectors from the edit selector option or you can use Ui Explorer. Generally, aaname is considered to be a good choice.

I somehow managed to get it to work but it is quite slow (as I there is about thousands of data) and some times it types multiple emails in 1 single line where as I need it to be in separate lines for each email. Is there a way around this e.g. copy and pasting?