How to copy dynamic text from a webpage?

Hi Folks,

I have following webpage screenshot with me and am trying to copy the Email value from it and store it in a variable.
The thing is, the email value changes based on the user am searching(ofcourse) but somehow am not able to extract the correct value!
I doubt I can use aaname in the selector expression since there is no fix/known prior value to it.

Any help is highly appreciated!

@Akanksha_Varshney Use aaname value with * and check

Try Anchor base fetch if you don’t find reliable selectors for Email value field.


Thanks for the response @indra.
I am getting blank result after using only ‘*’ :frowning:

Thanks for the response @Vinutha!
I am not very thorough using this activity though.
When I tried it, I get ‘UiPath.Core.UiElement’ as the result - don’t know how?!?


Can you please guide me where am I going wrong?

Let me know if/what more details are required!
Thanks again!

@Akanksha_Varshney Is it possible to share the url

from the output of get text activity you will get your emailid

Hi Akanksha,

Use get text activity. which will Gets the text from an entire terminal screen and stores it into a string variable.


hey sorry could not update earlier.
I read through using Anchor Base correctly and was able to sort out the issue.
Thanks a ton @Vinutha!

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