How to copy dynamic text from a browser and transfer it to a excel file?

Hi! I’m Lydia, I am a newbie to Uipath! I am stuck.

Brief introduction to my case:
I have created a project to automate the filling up of order forms.all is working well except the submission of the form.(you can see in my other post) however that is not my question here. whenever an order is submitted, an order number will be created. As different orders have different order number, the number keeps changing.

My question here is how do I copy dynamic text from browser and transfer it into an excel file column?



Please check selector once. Under aaname attribute the order number will be there i guess. You have to replace with wild card “*”. So that it will read any order number.


Possible share your Selectors for that Order Number field.

By making the selector as a dynamic one you can achieve reading all the order numbers with the same selector.

Use Get Text activity with dynamic selector for that order field. Use Attach Window/Browser activity to place the Get Text Activity.

Hi how do I set the selector as dynamic?

The selectors should have any any specific content, use aaname.

Always to click on Google search first search result, this is the selector.

<webctrl idx='1' tag='H3' />

So same way you can build some selector and use it.

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Did this help ? or do you seek any more assistance. ?


Use Get Text Activity and store the order number in a variable and check the selectors in target and make the aaname or innertext attribute as dynamic to *.

To store it in a Excel
1.use build data table to create a data table and mention the column name in it.
2.use add data row to add the data into Data table and declare variable in it.

A Manohar

I need more assistance I’m actually really confused :sweat:

Sure , no problem.

Do you mind sharing the code snippet?