How to copy data from worksheet to ppt file with dynamic creation of slide based on each worksheet of excel file

I need urgent help in my current project for which as of now no concrete solutions are available online.

a) I have to copy all data from my excel file(which is output of one RPA script) with multiple worksheets such that each worksheet data is copied to one ppt slide. And that new ppt file/slide should be in editable mode after copy of data from excel to ppt so that customer can add/delete some date from ppt file as and when required.

b) While creation of slide in existing each worksheet, based on 3 columns value I need to generate bar graph as well which need to be copied from each worksheet to respective ppt slide. This should happen for each excel worksheet. Header for such 3 columns are always fixed in each worksheet.

What I found is that there’s no activities in Uipath to perform this functionality specially copying data from excel to ppt file. As of now I am trying with some VB code to perform this but performance is very poor as sometimes data get copied correctly and most of the time it doesn’t copy any data from excel to ppt.

Thanks for your quick response.

Best approach would be to use Microsoft PowerPoint Interop. You would have to write a custom activity using the library.

Thanks Kannan… Actually as per customer’s request they want it to be done only through RPA as our other major modules are working with RPA only and cant separate only this portion … that’s the problem else as you said would have been perfect along with other solutions.

Custom activities are RPA. You write the activity to interact with PowerPoint and then you include it in a workflow.