How to copy data from one excel spreadsheet into a master spreadsheet


I am having trouble copying data (client name that corresponds with a client number) from the first spreadsheet into a master spreadsheet in the rightful place. (the data on the first spreadsheet was scraped from a webpage)
For example: first spreadsheet:
Client #-----------Client Name
12345-------------Bill Smith
(I need the name Bill Smith to go in the proper cell on the master spreadsheet where the client number is already there)
Master Spreadsheet:
Client #-----------Client name------------Product-----------etc.
12345------------- __________----------Mop----------------lots of other data

------------=a dividing line between columns

I have about 100 names that I need to input in the correct places and they are skipped around a lot, so a mass copy/paste does not work, as there are more names on the first spreadsheet than the master spreadsheet. The way I would do it without UiPath is by copying and pasting one-by-one, so I am hoping there is a faster way to do it.
if anyone has any step-by-step guidance for me I would be so grateful, as I am under time pressure from my boss and I have no idea what to do.
I was given advice on a different post to do a rows count by using “assign” but this did not work and an error came up.
Please help!!

add first data to queues
fetch the data from queues
in Queueitem We have Values so assign varaibles Client, Client name
Read master data and create as a datatable
for each (datatable)
if (client=row(“client”)
then Assign row(“Client Name”)=Client Name

@rajsekhar thank you for your reply! I cannot find a tutorial on how to add the data to the queues and how to fetch it later. could you possibly list the steps on how to do this?

thank you!

Please find the workflow for Add data to Queue and fetch data from Queue
sample.xaml (12.1 KB)

@rajsekhar wow thank you! that is extremely helpful. if you have the time, would you be able to show me how to do the last part after the queue work? I would be so grateful!!

HI while adding the data to queue sending collection of item (add queue item-properties(ItemInformation)"Client, Client Name)

when we fetch the data from queue , output is Queueitem so assigning the client and client name from queueitem using specific content of require data

like client=queueitem.specificcontentof("client)