How to copy data from one excel sheet to another excel sheet


I want to copy data from one excel(B to V Columns of data) to another excel sheet(To Same Place B to V columns). So i am using data table to store date (I am using Excel application scope to store data in datatable ). I am using the same datatable to paste data to that new excel sheet. Here the challenge is while copying data(B to V columns) from original sheet some columns are empty for example E,F columns are empty. While I am pasting that data in new excel sheet it is filling E and F columns also with its Adjacent column values. Leaving last column values to null.

So I need a solution where It should copy the data from excel and paste it in new excel as it is. i.e if any columns from B to V are empty It should also be empty in new Excel sheet.
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What activity are you using to write the data on the other excel sheet? Have you tried to use “Append Range” Excel activity?




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please take a look at this and notice that are two activities moving your info from excel file 1 (named dt1) (16.8 KB)

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This is quite helpful.

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Take a look this . It will help you.


another solution is donwload component and install to use the component copy and past between workbook

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