How to Copy data from browser created CSV file without saving the csv file?


Just running into issue. I didn’t see the topic anywhere else regarding copying from browser created CSV file.

I Download the CSV file from browser and I don’t want to save the CSV. Just want to copy the data from the CSV and paste into the other excel sheet. I tried using send hotkey and typeinto activity but that didn’t work.

Instead of using Typeinto, use Hotkey itself to copy and paste the data from CSV to Excel.

Also, if you know the path of CSV, you can read CSV as Datatable using read CSV activity, and you can write the same Datatable in an excel file using write range activity.

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Hi Vivek,

I download the CSV and Open in Read Only. I just want to copy that data.

Then try using read CSV and Excel write range.

Problem is. I don’t want to save that file and give it a file path. Whenever CSV is downloaded and opened, I just want to copy that data and close the CSV with click activity.

Then try the below steps.

  • Use Hotkey to select all in CSV - Ctrl + a
  • Use Hotkey to copy from csv - Ctrl + c
  • Use Hotkey to paste it in excel - Ctrl + v
  • Use click to close CSV.

Hi Vivek,

It didn’t work. Not sure what i’m doing wrong

Are you getting any error?

not getting error. I have my workflow in try catch.

In output pane do you see any exceptions?

I solved by using Type Into Activity.

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