How to copy data csv to excel

hi guys,
i’ve a csv file whit a lot of row
Product,Status,Employee,Requester,Request date,
System role Applicazioni\Twitter,Request Request,“Pippo, Pluto”,“Rotella, Raffaella”,10/10/2018,

i want write “Pippo, Pluto” into an excel file for example
surname name
pluto pippo

thank u

Hello @valeriano87

You can read the csv file with Read CSV Activitie get a output as DataTable
Apply filter in dtCsv

dtExcel =“Employee”).tostring.trim.equals(“Pippo, Pluto”)).CopytoDataTable

And Write the dtExcel with The Write Range Activitie

thank u for quick reply but there’s an error the function isn’t a member of collection

this function stamp all data into column employee?
thank u

You can use for each loop and assign using below code.

Name.Substring(name.IndexOf(",")+1,name.length) + “, “+Name.Substring(0,name.IndexOf(”,”))


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The Function get all data equal to “Pippo, Pluto”
Do you need this right?

Hi pls follow below tutorial

right, i try it but not function .copydatatable generate an error
thank u