How to copy certain files to another directory in remote desktop platform

Hi friends,
Any friends here can help me to solve my problem on this copy certain files from one directory to another directory in remote desktop platform.

I have a data table under the header call description as shown :slight_smile:


I’m able to get the first file β†’ a_ads717.sqr but how am i gg to get the second line till end if any. The name and number of files under Object Name is not fixed.
how am I gg to clear off this problem.

Thank you!

Hi @Perri,
Knowing the process of copying the files you can gram this list of file using for example Get Text activity and then using regex grab each single name of it and do the copy inside for each loop.


Thank u for sharing. I am very confused how to use for each and regex for this issue. Any sample? Thank u

You will need to enter a for each’ activity. You might need a watch a video to learn how to use it.

Have a look at this video:

In the body of the For Each activity insert a matches activity.

Thank you :slight_smile: Let me make a try in my script.

Anyone can help? Thank you

Any expert can give advise? Thank you.

You can try to pass R as a hotkey. You have underscored this letter in message which means the letter which should be pressed to do the action:

Hi Pablito,

Thank you it works :slight_smile: May I like how wht is the diff between timeout and delay. This replacing files not yet completed, my Bot continue to run other activities . Any solution? Thank you

Delay means how long will action wait until it will be performed.
Timeout mean how long will action wait until will be failed or leave the action.

It all depends where and how you are making your automation.

Hi @Pablito,

Thank you for your coaching. Any suggestion for this issue that I faced? The replacing files not yet completed, my bot continue to run other activities.

Thank you.

Workflow is working from top to the bottom. If there is no error (exception, null value etc) during any step in workflow then it will work from start to the end. If you wan to wait until file will be copied to run the rest of automation you should add some conditions. For example you can add activity which will check if file which should be copied are already in mentioned folder. If they are not complete then wait and repeat. Use some if, do while, for each etc. activities. Sky is the limit :slight_smile:

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Thank u😊