How to copy and paste larger data using Macro or any other method on sharepoint?

Can someone help me to verify if the below macro code is right or not ?
Trying to copy the data on sharepoint site using Microsoft office 365 activity from 1 file to other file.

FYI - I tried simple read and write range activity within O365 scope but that gives me below Error :-1: Code: InvalidArgument
Message: The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.
Inner error:
Code: invalidArgument
Message: The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.
date: 2023-11-01T17:06:41
request-id: a99ff148-c525-4a0b-ac4d-cc1220acfc96
client-request-id: a99ff148-c525-4a0b-ac4d-cc1220acfc96
ClientRequestId: a99ff148-c525-4a0b-ac4d-cc1220acfc96

This error is because of the wrong input arguments in the office 365 scope. This is will help you put right values in O365 scope.

More info

Hi @AJ_Ask I am able to do filter, copy and paste in same file with other sheet and data. But issue with some of this because of larger data or don’t know what but not working.

Try downloading the Excel file to local server. Do the Excel copy paste operations on it. & then upload it to the SharePoint.

Also can post screenshot of your flow & error.

Is there any Maro that I can execute on sharepoint ?

Upload on sharepoint is giving below error.
Upload File: Code: notAllowed
Message: The resource you are attempting to access is locked
Inner error:
Code: resourceLocked

The resource you are attempting to access is locked," typically indicates that the file you’re trying to upload to SharePoint is currently in use or locked by another user or process. You might want to ensure that the file isn’t open by anyone else and that there are no ongoing processes that could be locking the file. Additionally, check your SharePoint settings and permissions to make sure you have the necessary access to upload file

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