How to copy an Image of a name as Text?


Hi, I have created a robot to capture the Image of a Name and then to have the name posted as Text. It works initially but KEEPS the original name that was captured. How can I set this to capture the name but leave it as a Wildcard so that it captures the new name in each instance
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Did you try find relative image


Hi, I can capture the image of the name and when I use Set Text to copy the name as text in my robot, I am able to get the name to appear - so it works. But in my robot, it has captured the name SHROED permanently. I need to find a way to have it capture the image of the name and reset it as text but it will be a different name each time, so I need to know how and where to set it as a wildcard


So you are not OCR’ing an image, check the selectors of that activity and you might need to make it dynamic to read new name for every change.


When capturing the text, it reads as follows Get full text "GuiGridViewCell Shell’‘
When I capture the text and use the Set Text, it reads as follows Set text "GuiGridViewCell Shell’'
I need to create this as a wildcard so that the data will change each time that I capture a new text image
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I am capturing the initial data as a screen scrape and then using Set Text to add the name in my robot.
How do I make it dynamic to read new name for every change?
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Could you please attach your workflow or maybe selector snapshot.
what is the target application (website or windows application)

PS: please attach the workflow as .xaml .Don’t zip it. I can’t download due to internal network restriction.


@ddpadil This is epic :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @tstaton,

You can assign it to a variable and then use that variable in the selector. You can find the below link of how to use variable in selectors.

Hope it helps.