How to copy all data from row and insert into another excel after every iteration?

this is my 1st excel sheet what i need is to copy the first row to 2nd excel sheet of first row if there will be status as “DONE” and then del. that first row from 1st sheet.

IF there will be error come then it wont copy that row.

but if there will be 2 successful count of DONE then it will copy that 2row to second sheet and just delete that 2row from first sheet.

Hi @NervousTuber
so u want to copy the rows whose status is Done?

Yeah i want to like cut the data whose status is done to new sheet…

Better way is use filter by filtering with Status column

First use filter datatable activity to filter the rows with status done and store the datatable to new excels sheet

Then to remove the rows from first excel sheet use filter datatable activity with same filtering condition as above but select the remove option and then write the resultant datatable in first excel sheet

The datatable with that status as done rows will be removed in updated excel sheet

Try this logic


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