How to copy all content (text + images) from a word file with formatting but without header and footer

I want to copy body part of first word file (without header and footer) to a template word file which already have header & footer inserted.
I tried hotkey: ctrl+ a, then ctrl+c in first word file; send hot key ctrl_v in template file.
But the header and footer in template file is replaced with first file’s header and footer.
I want to know how to copy only the body part of first file and keep the formatting.
Please help me.

Hi @yanfang, Welcome to the UiPath community! You can download the following package and use it in your project:

This package can help with copying specific text and pasting it as well as text formatting! Please let me know if it helps! Thanks!


Thanks for help.
But in the word file, i want to copy everything in body part inculding image, not specific text.
The body part doesn’t have specific startText and endText, either.