How to copy a picture from a website generating a ppt

Hi @Salvo71
Are you actually interacting with the screen when the automation is being run? Our automations run undisturbed… :slight_smile: If it is just a matter of the settings being changed prior to the automation run, you can add “Maximize window” activity to the workflow before taking the screenshot - it will keep the same conditions. Besides, can you specify in Take screenshot that it is going to be related only to the chart image - I mean do your charts have a separate selector? Would it help?

thanks but using Maximize window I got the following error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Basically it would be nice if the bot can run in background while I am doing something else. Besides I should get the same results using laptop as well as using double 27 inch monitors…

in the chart I have a selector with title and Id…

this is the result

as you can see part of chart is visible only…thanks

Hi @Salvo71
I am guessing from the error message of your Maximize window, that you probably haven’t placed it inside Attach window scope… :slight_smile: As for your work at the same time when the automation is running, please see the blow threads:

If your chart is a separate UI element, then place (if you haven’t done this already) its selector in “Target” properties of your activity “Take Screenshot” (or just apply it via “Indicate on screen” of that activity). In case of “Besides I should get the same results using laptop as well as using double 27 inch monitors” - I am unsure what you mean by that in this context, but please see e.g. the below thread:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello @PAD

sorry for my late reply but I was out of office. Actually I do not think that the point is to maximize the window because using 13" laptop even though I maximize it I can see only part of the chart, to see the whole graph I have to scroll down a bit. At the end of day if I run the bot ( not in background ) using an external monitor with high resolution it seems working , coz in this case I do not need to scroll down the image to see the full chart. but If I run it using the laptop I get only partial chart…I hope is more clear now. I think that the correct way should be that to define a sort of object chart which is indipendent by screen resolution, but I really do not know how to implement it in UiPATH. really sorry if I am annoying but does not make sense a bot which is able to generate a report only adjusting manually the screen visualization…so if I do not find out the solution I have to give up :((( thanks !

Hi @Salvo71,
sorry, from “If I am in a full screen mode is working perfectly” I thought that the graph you are after is shown properly when you maximize the window :slight_smile: My question is - when you click the graph, does it bring/open its picture for you (something like when you click any image attached to this thread)? If so, you can add “Click” to your workflow and then adjust your following “Take screenshot” selector to this populated image.

Another way to solve it (even without having your browser open) if you know the url address of your image is to use “HTTP Request” activity. You only need to put the URL address to Endpoint and the path you want to save it to to “ResourcePath”.

Also, if you want to scroll down to make your image appear in full on the screen, you can use some text/image/element you would find at the bottom/just below your graph to make your automation scroll down to it. E.g. see the suggested solution in here:

hello @PAD thanks a lot. Actually I have asked to add a button to the web application that allow to download the picture to some folder, but in this case I have also to select where I have to download the file and I should repeat it for every pictures…I do not think it is a robust solution. I believe that HTTP request activity can be more effective. So I am tryin to know which is the picture URL. So , in this case I should copy each imagine to course URL to another folder and then create a ppt…do you think is it a good way to proceed ?

Hi, I think you don’t have to save them to different folders (unless for some reason you need to). Probably you can add a counter that would slightly change each file name within the path where it is going to be saved thus enabling to save them all to one folder. Alternatively you can add time stamp to each file name to differentiate them.

Yes right, actually I am using the new download function to save the picture in some folder, but using internet explorer, when I click on download a pop up show up asking whether I want to save or save as the picture. Normally I just click on it and it is saved on a default folder, but through Uipath it seems that the click activity is not working. I try to use attach window activity , but not change. I have also selected on click activity " SenWindongMessages" option, but also this is not working, any suggestions ?

using the “Hover” activity and Click I am now able the display the window with Save as option but I still cannot click on Save as option…and I cannot use Select Item since it is not working

Have you tried “click image” for the word “Save” or click text for it?

this is where I am now …next step should be to save the file and of course I cannot use click activity since the pop up will not be displayed if I move the focus to other place


Does Send hotkey work here - e.g. " Down", “Enter”? Or Enter via “Type into” activity?

And you cannot get the URL address of this image by right-clicking on it and checking properties? Also maybe the below link will help you:

Thanks, I solved it just clicking on Save , instead of Save as. In this case the picture is saved in some default folder and I can copy from there perhaps changing name as well.

Hello @PAD, I would like just to clarify another point. Actually I realized that I cannot type text in a Window Toolbar to select a folder in which to save my picture. Here you are


I read many post and I tried different solutions but basically I am not able to type ma folder path in there while I can type the file name…any idea ? Thanks !