How to copy a MS Access file to a MS Excel file

I’ve been trying to copy MS Access files to a MS Excel file with no luck. I’m in desperate need of someone that can explain to me how to do this that can also provide a visual flow of the steps. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Try using database activities

  1. Use Connect Activity to connect to database, you must specify some paramateres as “conectionString” and “providername” like occurs in .NET languajes. this result in a conection handler stored in a variable of the same type.

  2. Use the “ExecuteQuery” activity to do database query, performing a sql sequence like “SELECT * from Table” the activity will execute the instruction and will return the result in a datatable especiified in “datatable” output parameter.

  3. Close de data base conection using “disconnect” activity.

i hope it be helpfull.