How to copy a file and paste it in a existing file

I want to copy a file called “A” amd paste it to file “B”.which is an existing file

dont want to create a new file called “B”

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What is the format of File which you want to copy?

we can use move file or copy file activity
Cheers @RachelN

Copy file activity is creating a new file.

I don’t want to move the main file as i need both the files

it is a xlsx file only. But have some formating like cell colors

this looks contrast buddy
you want to copy from A to B but dont want to create a new file B
so do you want to rename it
in that case we can use MOVE FILE activity where we can mention the source file with filename as A
and in destination with filename B

Cheers @RachelN

You can use move activity or Copy Activity and pass source and destination file path. This will work for any file format.

I think What you want is You have Two files A and B and you want to append the contents of File A into a File B if its right then Read the File A using Read Range Activity and store the output in data table variable And then Use Append Range Activity To append it On File B.

but the cell colors will not write to file B

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it would for sure with move file activty buddy
because we are just trying to rename
Cheers @RachelN

Hi @RachelN

Use Move File Activity before that ensure the path of the file is there

by using Path Exists

Ashwin S

You can do one thing For this create Macro To Copy From File A and paste it Into File B. Surely It will copy All the cell Colors and formats In the file B.

Guys I also have a doubt with Move file and Copy file activity We can move the file its fine…But in this case I want to replace the file if it already exist in the Destination…How can i do that …

Buddy i tried Move file activity

after moving the B is having all the values. but the A file is deleted.

I want both the files to be visible

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no worries we can use copy file activity this will create another file with the filename we mention
its similar to how we use ctrl+c and ctrl+v for a file to be copied and pasted in another folder

Cheers @RachelN


But its creating a new file.

i want to copy A file to B file(B file should be inside a workbook as a sheet names as “B”).

is A is one excel file and we want to create a similar file like that but named as B
and where does the sheetname comes here
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my requirement is to create a new sheet in workbook for every month.

And all the sheets should have the same format.

I have the format sheet as template in separate excel file called “A” file

now am trying to copy that template file(“A”) to new sheet inside the workbook called “February” ( a new month sheet)

Any suggestion or help

Why don’t you use only copy activity from source to destination? it won’t change any format.
if you create new sheet it will make all formats as default.