How to copy a cell every 2 rows?

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I would like to cut the records different than “CA” from column L and paste them into the empty cells of column F. How can I achieve that?

From this:

To this:

I was thinking that maybe using Read Range and For Each activities, but I’m not pretty sure what other activity can I use…maybe and if statement …?

Thanks in advance!

@Tana20 - In the for each loop of datatable

If row("L"COlumnName).tostring.contains(“CA”)
Then → Do nothing
Else → row("F"ColumName) = row("L"COlumnName).tostring

        This will assign X to Column F. 
        After the you can add another assign row("L"COlumnName) = String.empty

Finally use write range to write the output.

Please try this out…

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@Tana20 - I just tested it…it working fine…



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Thank you! it works as expected :partying_face:

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