How to convert UiPath execution log file to Json or XML format


just find some introductions to the main building blocks.

Filtering / Preprocessing the log lines:

with regex we do find the JSON part
Let jo = … we do parse a string into a JObject
also did some demonstrations on retrieval, filterings, and orderings

there are some jobs that do not have an end log. So it is suggested to group the lines on the job id:

finally, we demonstrate on a prototype level on how a report data table can be populated including handling the missing endlines:


Kindly note: No of Transaction Info is not in the logs:

  • can be added e.g. with a custom log field
  • ensure Namespaces are imported: Newtonssoft.Json,Newtonssoft.Json.Linq, System.Text.RegularExpressions

find starter help here:
ExecLogExtractor_Demo1.xaml (13.1 KB)

further info on LINQ and Regex

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