How to convert ToString to ToDate

im facing a problem regarding date

19-Nov-19 This date is imputed as 43788 ho my question is how i convert it into date format

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(Convert a string to date - #6 by Palaniyappan):

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Hi @swanand_deshmukh

Please repeat your questio i cant understand 19-nov-19 date u have and what is that 43788?

the expression be like this

Cheerss @swanand_deshmukh

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Hello @swanand_deshmukh
the number you are getting is also a date but in OA Format so to get the date in your required form use this code


this will get the required output in Date Datatype

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@vickydas yes i use this but it shows the error

Hello @swanand_deshmukh
you are assigning a string value to it the code you just applied will give you the date datatype value
if you want it in string
than use this code


as also suggested by @Palaniyappan in the earlier post

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Execute Non Query: Conversion from string “” to type ‘Double’ is not valid.

yess!! my date format is 18-Nov-19

is any one here plz help me out