How to convert the value of excel two levels header cells to a string, and


I need to extract data from a excel spread sheet for processing.

However, the header cells from column 5 onward have two levels therefore filter datatable was unable to recognise the header cells with two levels.

I’ve been struggling for days, and was lost now.

Your helps are very much appreciated!

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can you share some details e.g. a screnshot from it. This would help much
In general we do readin all data into a datatable and can do filtering there

Thanks for the prompt response, and here you are:

I want to extract data for the first five columns, and all the N1, i.e. A1, B1, C1 and D1.

However, the two levels cells gave me headache!

Now I used “Read range” to capture the first row, the header row.

And use For loop to display the value of each header.

How to remove the char (10) from the multiple level cell for filter datatable to recognise?

one level cells: SNo., Item ID, etc…

two level cells:


Before I can use filter datatable to extract the required columns?