How to convert the email Body into PDF? (Using C#) if Possible without custom activity

I have an email Body and i need to convert them into PDF, and then extract the details from the PDF content using Read PDF Activity and continue flow as well.

Please suggest any idea regrading this…


Hi @keerthi_arumugam

This can be done using marketplace components


You can try with some Activity

  1. Use Save Mail Message Activity to save the mail.
  2. And then open that mail and send Hot key Ctrl+P
  3. Then do save as PDF.


is there any reasons why the extraction cannot be done from email body directly e.g. using the text body?

In Body content, i have invoice in Body content to extract some fields

do not see so far an argument that blocks the processing of the body directly without conversion into pdf. Had you tried so far?

No @ppr

so just give a try on:

strBodyText = yourMailMessageVar.Body

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