How to convert text string to datatable variable



Hi all,
I want to extract text from pdf to excel. I got text from pdf file to variable string.
Now, i want to convert text string to datatable variable type and write range in excell. How to do it?

Regarding how to copy data from clipboard to excel

Hi @AKY,

  • First create data table using build data table activity

  • Split your string using environment.newline ,space,tab or any special char append it into datatable.

  • using write range activity to write the data into excel file.



Hi Arivu,

How to split the string using environment.newline?/


Hi @balu,

StrValue-string variable
Arrayvariable - array of String variable String

Split the string value using Newline using below code it will return output as array of String value.




hello @arivu96,
I am trying to split data from an excel sheet which is separated by spaces on a single column. So I took the data convert it into string and tried to split it the way you have mentioned here but while doing so I get an error message which assigning the split function to the array as the Environment.Newline cannot be assigned to the array of 1 dimension. Can you assist me please.

Thank you,