How to convert text file data into excel

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I have data in txt file in the form of
Employee Name: xxxx

data should be in excel in the form of
Employee Name Desgination Country
XXX xxxxx xxxxx

Can you anyone?

Hii @Meda_SivaPrasad ,
Please check this workflow. (1.9 KB)

TextToExcel.txt (71 Bytes)

Hope this might help you

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  1. Read the text file into string str using read text file activity
  2. Use build datatable activity and add 3 columns as required with required names
  3. Use tadd datarow activity with arrayrow as str.Split({"Employee Name:","Designation:","Country:"},StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).ToArray()

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Quick Dirty Compact Approach:

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Hi @Meda_SivaPrasad ,

As an alternate, you could also check with the below Steps :

  1. Create an Output Datatable with the required columns using Build Datatable activity, the Datatable let be named as OutputDT.

  2. Next, Use Matches Activity with the input as the data from the text file and the Regex Expression as the below, get the Output to a variable, say mc :

Employee Name:(.*)\s+Designation:(.*)\s+Country:(.*)
  1. Next, we can use this output to populate the created datatable using the below Linq Expression :
OutputDT = mc.Cast(Of Match).Select(Function(x)OutputDT.Rows.Add(x.Groups(1).ToString,x.Groups(2).ToString,x.Groups(3).ToString)).CopyToDatatable

Visuals :


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Thank you It’s working.

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