How to convert string to net.mail.message

Hi All,

My requirement is , I have to fetch the latest email from emailtrail and save that email.

I am able to read the mail and get only the latest mail from that mailtrail but it in string data type
so when I am using save mail message activity I have to give input with data type net.mail.message
can you help me active this

Could you please share screen shot of sequence or share workflow. Would be helpful to resolve issue.


thank you for your reply @shaik_Azam

use for each activity.

hi Azam ,
the item contains whole mailtrail , but i dont want that
i’m getting the latest mail in mail_body variable and is string type , i want to save that part

Could you please share your sample xaml file, to look into that

Sequence.xaml (17.6 KB)
you can take and mail as sample input

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Sequence.xaml (21.7 KB)

Please check the workflow . let me know if any issue

Hi Azam,
Thankyou for the reply but it is not as I wanted, if you check the variable mail_body I want only that part to be saved .
In save email activity we are giving in_mail so it is still taking whole emailtrail .