How to Convert string 1234567890 to 123,45,67,890.00 this format

How to use comma separated to perticular string and upto two decimal number.

Hi @Anil_Potekar ,

Could you Check with the below Expression :



CDbl("1234567890").ToString("N",new CultureInfo("hi-IN"))

Let us know if this doesn’t work

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You want to use ToString(“#,#.##”)

The 00 in your format will always explicitly put two 0s, not two decimal places.


I want to apply comma separated for datatable value column

@Anil_Potekar ,

Have you tried using a For Each Row Activity and update each of the row column value using the Expression provided above ?

Also, If the requirement is much more extended than it seems, would suggest you to create a separate topic stating the requirements clearly.

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