How to convert Json to DT

Hi @Palaniyappan

I need a help. I have a json file
“Type” : “001”, “Description”:“Dotnet”,
“Type” : “001”, “Description”:“Java”,
“Type” : “001”, “Description”:“Cshart”,


“Type” : “001”, “Description”:“D1”,
“Type” : “001”, “Description”:“D2”,
“Type” : “001”, “Description”:“D3”,


I want to convert the above json to datatable without using foreach loop and adding values using add datarow



Check this post, else if it is possible to create a custom activity, I will provide the steps to convert it.

Heyy @Boopathi,

As your data seems to be simple json, you can just use a deserialize json activity and use a for each loop to loop through the child objects and then use a add data row activity to add the data to the data table. But don’t forget, you need to use a build data table activity to initialize the data table.

Hi @Boopathi
go through the following file for Json2Dt (1.9 KB)

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