How to convert "Get Full Text" variable as Decimal?

I am trying to convert Generic Value to Decimal its shows the error like “Assign : cannot subtract a System.String from a System.String”, I am Using “myGenericVariable.ToDecimal” Expression,is this correct way to convert to Decimal or there is any other way to convert Generic Value to Decimal.

Another doubt is,
How to Subtract the two Generic Values While getting form “Get Full Text” Activity or How to Convert Generic Value to Decimal or Integer while getting from “Get Full Text” or “OCR” Activity.

I just want to clear whether we can able to convert Generic Value to Decimal or Integer.

you could try CDbl(myString)
works same for integer: CInt(myString)

Variable name should be in String or any other type.

is this correct way i am using.

are you trying to do the conversion directly in the Output field?

Where i can do the Conversion

you can have a separate variable of type Double or Integer (or whatever) and add an assign activity after GetText where you do the conversion of the output value.
myVar = CDbl(outputValue)

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ok thank you for your response @theo500