How to convert dd/MM/YY to dd/MM/YYYY from Excel

i have an error
process XML DATE (55.5 KB)

@Soudios - So you would like to convert dd/MM/yyyy to dd/MM/yy??


Hi @Soudios
Please refer

Yes i forgot to change the format date, it 21/11/13 normally

@Soudios - Here you go…





Fixex XAML code: process XML DATE (56.7 KB)

Hope this helps…

Hi @prasath17

I change the Excel file and it doesn’t work for me.

process XML DATE (57.2 KB)

@Soudios - This is the same issue you faced last time too…please check the code I provided and use the debug mode/debug tools to see what is the error…

Thank you but in the xml file, there is a difference between the format in Excel and xml for DATE_NAISSANCE for example.

Do you know how can i do to have dd/MM/yyyy ?