How to convert Dates of different format to a specific format

I receive the data via Google Sheet in that im having date column but the data filled in that column is different ways as below. I have to read that data and prepare a report in that the date format should be yyyy-MM-dd

  1. MM/dd/yyyy
  2. MM/dd/yy
  3. M/d/yy
  4. MM/d/yy
  5. M/dd/yy
    could you let me know how we can do this

Here is the format to convert @sunilch

datetime.parseexact(datestring,“dd/MM/yyyy”,system.globalization.culturalinfo.invariantculture).tostring(“required format here”)


Thank you for the reply i tried it but it will only work for the date format of “dd/MM/yyyy” but not for the other formats that i mentioned

I found one solution cDate(" your input date format").toString(“expected date format”). how ever it working for all except “dd/M/yyyy” format i’m searching whether we have any other function that can address this issue.

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Glad you got the solution. CDate will also work as expected in these scenario. both will work but you need to change the format inside everytime

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